ReBlog: Getting to know Docker – a better way to do virtualization?

When you think virtualisation, you generally think of hypervisors like VMWare, Virtual Box etc. These work by effectively emulating an entire operating system on top of another operating system. But did you know there’s actually another option, one that is generally better performant and where the images take up less space (who’s tried to share a VM with a colleague remotely before. Sending a 40Gb file is not easy!)? This option is called ‘containers’ and it’s actually been around for a long time (it’s been in Solaris for years and has recently made it’s way to Linux).

Containers work by sharing the host operating system with the container, but the container has it’s own file system and can’t access the resources on the host. Virtualisation without the overhead of emulating an operating system! One of the easiest ways to get started with containers is to use Docker. Docker provides an easier way to use containers and manage the images. To demonstrate how Docker works and how we can use it to create containers of Oracle products check out this post over at the RedStack blog that I co-authored with Edwin Biemond and Mark Nelson


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