Hi, I’m a Master Solution Consultant at Oracle and this blog is a place for me to muse about cloud, digital technology, mobility etc and how organisations can embrace these changes quickly and effectively.

I’m a Software Engineer who loves to design products and speak to clients. A real rarity in the IT world. Whether it be speaking to potential clients or in front of audiences at conferences, I’m always at home with the material and exude passion for my topic. With a background in a mobile and web-based systems I’ve worked or consulted for many government, small business and large multi-national clients.

In a pre-sales capacity I’m able to understand the technical specifics of products and identify opportunities where we can solve real-world problems for clients. I work well with an organisations sales force, understanding not only the tech side but also the business decisions in the sales process.

In a product architecture capacity I’ve designed and developed multiple commercial products, including the award-winning Titan Framework (a rapid development framework for mobile and web apps).

In a post-sales capacity I’ve worked on some of the largest big-data projects in Australia as well as providing consulting experience to clients in Canberra and around the APJ (Asia-Pacific-Japan) region.