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Automated Moodle Deployment on the Oracle Cloud + DevOps

Was recently helping a customer deploy Moodle on the Oracle Cloud with a focus on how to do this in automated way with Developer Cloud Service. I thought I’d share my experience in case anyone else is trying to do something similar.


We want to deploy Moodle (which is a PHP application that uses MySQL) on the Oracle Cloud and we want the build to be automatically triggered every night (so we can test it fresh).

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Abstract Cloud – Fog: Set up

In this series I’m going to show you how to use the Fog Cloud Abstraction Library to manage cloud services in code (or on the command line). Fog is a ruby library that allows you to interact with multiple cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Oracle etc) through code. It abstracts away the complexities of each providers APIs and authentication mechanisms and attempts to make it easier to deal with networks, servers etc.

In this post I’m going to take you through setting up Fog and getting a listing of servers in an Oracle Cloud account (the process for Azure, AWS etc is very similar).

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