Oracle Label Security Part 3: Adding a UI

If you’ve been following along in our series of Oracle Label Security posts (Part 1, Part 2) you should now have a table of ‘documents’ that depending on the users permission will return different sets of documents. In this post we’re going to add a UI so that we can see how Label Security makes application development easier by freeing us from having to worry about security in the application. We won’t actually be doing any database work (that’s been done in the previous posts) and will just focus on getting a simple UI up. You could use any language to build this UI as long as it can connect to the Oracle database (generally through ODBC), which is pretty much of all of them. For this example we are going to build a NodeJs application with a Bootstrap UI. It will be a good demonstration of how to connect NodeJs and the Oracle database together.

The completed application is available on GitHub: Read on to see how it’s built

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